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The construction of reservoirs always means a drastic change in the affected territories, the disappearance of rivers, the destruction of an entire landscape. Farms and expropriated lands that disrupt communications and populations, roads and history ... The uprooting of many people. The loss of land, of a home, always implies a major dislocation, a deep wound in people's lives. In the thread of the water part of a research project and artistic production developed around the idea of a reservoir, it is a deep reflection on the consequences of the construction of these large hydraulic structures.


The project, which is based on a piece created in 2000, C-1313, basically works on the thread of water in the intermediate space generated at the intersection between the water and the earth planes. It is a cord that borders it perimetrically. A cord that can sometimes be wider - a wide strip - or narrower, a cord, depending on the floods produced by the thaw, or the need for water by the irrigators of the plain ... The project works in this the cord, line, straight limit ... Although it has to be understood as an unpleasant space, as a painful straight line, given that it is the one that decides everything that remains inside and outside the water, that is saved or that sinks, that predestines ... in the year 2000 with the construction of the reservoir there was a great expectation around this straight line, of the place where it would finally be located. It was a line of hope that would decide the future of its inhabitants, and that everyone feared in some way. An emotional line, which defined the drama.

In the thread of water. Project initially carried out in the Rialb reservoir, province of Lleida. Photographs, textile pieces and a couple of videos of 04.54 and 04.05 min. 2016-17


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