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Ruderal RGB. Paper. 2019. Project  A disobedient female florist. With the collaboration of the Center Art La Panera, the CAN of Farrera and the CDAN, Huesca. 


From the collection of ruderal and arvenous plants, socially qualified as “weeds”, found
in places linked to judicial processes of women who would be accused of witches at the end of the Middle Ages, chemical chromatography and the decomposition of their essential tones are carried out, in the manner of pantones or RGB tables. As ruderal and arvenous shades of colour, far from their supposed neutrality, or understanding them
as the objective action that precedes them, the choice of colour these tables refer us to
a conceptual dimension that gives importance to the plants on the edge, and to these women, those who were left behind, between intertiscial spaces. Resistant plants -as the agricultural engineer Gilles Clement- tells us due to their recovery capacities, low water and nutrient needs, or that have learned to survive in very degraded conditions... With fast cycles, low cost and high capacity to adapt to the environment. Plants that lead us to models of austerity, of simplicity, outside the capital, of another world more linked to the earth, more sustainable and just in front of the collapse of our world. In the face of the need for social recomposition.
This is a plea, a call for a new social, political, ruderal model, which emerges precisely on these margins.

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