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On the front page, big headlines, historical events, set design and noise, which are the machines with which the system is represented, and controlled. As Perec once said, trains are only trains when they derail, planes when they collide or are hijacked, or when they attack a twin tower. We live and represent them, as if they were the real life. The rest of our human time, from our daily journeys, and from so many people, seems to be gone, and nothing matters.

This is exactly what the usual, the microscopic, questioner is left to question.

And in the bag, I have a little bit of everything, as they say - stereotypes of things that women carry. An umbrella just in case, different papers, half-spent bowls (no blush, or anything like that, because I don't blend in with any woman's role or all that!), And tickets for buying some red thoughts that i have been shopping for seven days.

Seven days of routine action. Also from the capital of Marx, who was taking a class from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​to some teaching students and who knew nothing about who Marx was ... Or maybe a little, an old-fashioned gentleman, u d 'old ideals ...! The idea of ​​the proletariat, of a word that has entered its purest decline, because it is so interesting, that we have willingly made it disappear, under the slogan that we are the middle class.

But can anyone please tell me that he is the middle class?


He seems to make an erratic, open speech. I'm not saying anything, but a lot ... or not! ...

... In the end I have a bunch of useless ballots that have been said to be carcinogenic and that women carry in our bags every day (there are still few establishments that have already decided to go on a more sustainable path).

Seven tickets of red thoughts, of seven days, but of so many others.





Seven days of red thoughts and so many others ...

Tickets for the purchase between December 18 and 24, 2019.




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