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An action to buy shares. Artist's book. Ecological role. 200 pages. 2019-20

It’s about continuing the game of buying and selling, and what we may or may not buy and sell. Stock market games, of what is worth versus what is not worth.
In December 2019 he began buying shares of Portland del Ebro , as a game, after a process of investigation and a thorough inspection, around a mega factory, the former cement plant of Almatret. Shares that perhaps could end up constituting me as the main shareholder, or the illusion of being one. From a factory located in the town of Almatret, in the Catalan-Aragonese strip, bankrupt, disappeared, abandoned and today partially submerged in the Riba-roja reservoir, in fact it is a paradoxical situation, because the factory -which in fact, they were two built on top of each other - it never came into operation. It is the footprint of a ghost from its very beginnings, a megaproject - say the media of the time that must have been one of the largest and most important in Europe - failed from the same base, something that is it swells and quickly fades away, as failed is also the result of all my action, which was first to be exposed, this autumn, but which COVID cancels or slows down its process, or which it does not directly like, or for my personal situation, a late artist, or that of a piece that is too unromantic, gray, where the language of money, of capital permeates its discourse, of where capitalism is taken from the hand of man who is responsible for it, Cara Dagget tells us about petropatriarchy or petromasculinity to refer to this masculine, patriarchal model, where the relationship between man, economy and money, and the binomial oil, coal and cement are indissoluble. The feminist economist Amaia Pérez Orozco in turn refers us to this disconnect between the economic, the land and human values, life, everything that I have lost along the way and that at the same time COVID puts more the discovery, at the center of the scene.
Of this whole process I publish a book with images of the cement plant, very technical and cold balance sheets, of the market, stock market, IBEX 35 , of INDESCAT , or of the large number of shareholders, of the so-called popular shareholding, which had, they say about 2000, but at the same time of bad plays or conspiracies that the same documentation hints at, it is run through the village that was a plot of a struggle and other high-ranking supporters of the Franco regime to collect compensation for profit cessation of the company. I mean from the start it was known that that was a scam. The influence of the factory that, despite being located in the small town of Almatret -a circumstantial fact, the town is far from everywhere- moves between Barcelona and Madrid, and reaches Paris, or the Yale Club in New York , at businessmen's dinners. The book shows these shares purchase-sale, an online job always discreet, almost private home, very few are known, an action deliberately secret and away from the art world, made to the network with people from the street, where you discover particular stories of shareholders, or their descendants. A book of very little circulation, humble, of soft covers, and lacking in budget, and with no more clues than that of being this, an open book; although behind it beats a whole speech always printed by the irony and ridiculousness of this quirky game of buying and selling shares on " freaky " internet portals, such as Vibbo , Mil anuncios or Todo colección d'una factory that is not and never has been a factory.
A megalomaniacal story, full of great desires, delusional fantasies, a millionaire absurdity that ends up turning the protagonist, myself, into a shareholder of the opposite.

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