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In this sense, the piece "Thirty-four days walking around thirty-four plots" refers to and as the title says to walk thirty-four days following the estates of an old document found, estates of the legacy of the first Catalan mayoress.
And as the estates are defined in the notarial documentation by their limits, the piece tries to look for these spaces between, to walk around them, as a simple action, but at the same time complex, full of meanings.
Walking through these places reveals to me various realities, remains of old buildings, stone walls to separate plots, old fruit trees, pears, almond trees, olive trees that have been abandoned and no one is entertained to pick their fruits, remnants of a subsistence economy that the capital machine has taken away, spaces where weeds proliferate, which the farmer sometimes burns or uproots, but is reborn again. Narrow places, the last and few redoubts of an uncultivated, free, ownerless world (despite the tensions that also occur). Outside the productive world, a Midstream or diffuse terrain, of floating ecology, which cannot be fixed, subsistence as Gerald Raunig would say, which undermines the state apparatus and the supposed logic of property.

But in the search, as I can not access the property register, by the data protection law and having changed some of the names of the items, of owners appearing there, new parcelling, or land affected by roads circulation ... It becomes difficult for us to access and identify them. In the end, the piece ends up being a lot of photographs of spaces and routes that surely have nothing to do with what is told in these old documents, a situation of oblivion, amnesia and a strange game of approaches and absurdities.



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Virtual itinerary:

May 2021. Contemporary Territory 3/5, by Olga Olivera-Tabeni. This route is part of the set of routes guided by Frederic Montornés.




Thirty-four days walking around thirty-four plots. Documents, book: Descriptive and graphic consultation of cadastral data of real estate and 656 photographs on digital frame. 2029-20.

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