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I appreciate that you posted about me :



Art with perspective. By J. Barrull Castellví. Reading. The Segre newspaper. Lleida. March 8, 2020.


Art inspired by nature. La Panera presents the scholarships organized by Farrera. Marco Noris. The delivery. Act I. Estíbaliz Sádaba. Fields of action, the word as a practice of resistance. Joan Pallé. Enough space. Olga Olivera-Tabeni A disobedient florist. Supplement Reading the newspaper El Segre, July 7, 2019.


Homage to the witches. Culturaccio.Cat. Jesus Vilamajó. 2019.


Olga Olivera-Tabeni. Women, with art, must claim the place that is theirs. Cristina Mongay. Leave 2018.


DIS The Segre newspaper and Lleida Television program. Saturday, February 24, 2018 (Javelin project).


In the thread of water. From Juana Baygual Pérez-Portabella. Inside the catalog In the thread of the water. 2017 / In the water the thread. From Juana Baygual Pérez-Portabella. Inside the catalog In the water thread. 2017


A reading inside the museum: black house, white house. By Pilar Bonet. In the catalog Dialogues with the House Duran and Sanpere: Black house, black house. Cervera: The printing press Minerva. 2017


The house museum as a memory space with a gender perspective. The example of the Duran i Sanpere de Cervera house. By Carme Bergés. In Memory, gender and city policies. Institute of Political and Social Sciences. 2017


Black house, white house, a feminist re-reading of two antagonistic bourgeois in Cervera. The Vanguard. 10/16/2016


Woman trail at the Casa Duran and Sanpere de Cervera. An intervention by the visual artist Olga Olivera-Tabeni. The Segre. Friday, May 27, 2016







Folding walls. Instruction manual. (artist project). DUODA, research of women of the University of Barcelona. No. 53. To dream of the house and its ghosts. 2017



In the thread of water. Exhibition catalog. 2017



Fields that tell stories. The story of a historical event between the Pla d'Urgell and the Segarra through contemporary visual arts. He got tired. Studies Magazine of the Pla d'Urgell. Issue 8. 2017



Dialogues with the Duran and Sanpere House: Black House, Black House. Cervera: The printing press Minerva. 2017

The bag of the artist teacher. In Torres de Eça, T; Wheat; C.; Agra Pardinas, M. (Eds) Risks and Opportunities for Visual Arts Education in Europe. Risks and Opportunities for Education of Visas Arts in Europe]. 2015


The house Massot-Dalmases. The Palace of Inclusion. 5th International Congress on visual and artistic education. Huelva. 2015

Polyphonic dialogues at the Massot-Dalmases house in Cervera. XII International Conference on research in the teaching of social sciences. Autonomous University of Barcelona. 2015





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