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I believe that what art is committed to at the moment has two paths, either to highlight the situation we are in, crisis or collapse as a civilization, or to propose alternatives for a new social model, in this sense the past can be a valuable reference. Both avenues are interesting enough, to raise awareness or create proposals for new worlds.







Starting from research processes, and from a deliberately social and political art - at times historical, philosophical, or at the crossroads of scientific procedures - I enter into projects of a visual nature, trying to preserve this aspect of research, documentary. I speak of the power, of the systems and of the mechanisms of discrimination exercised by the same, or of silence, and the tools used to silence the voices, female, class or social status. Or duly wanted social amnesia. We forget it very easily, or we are forgotten.


I am interested in the ongoing discourse, and to avoid the stereotypical, commercial reductionism that unfortunately floods our contemporary society.


Also from the nature and the need to understand the meanings we attribute or impose, always going to the limits, to the fringes, of what we do not want to look and see, to open questions, questions or think possibilities of new world, as an alternative, in the face of the crisis or collapse of our world, and that of capital society, now more evident than ever. Perhaps it is just an act of resistance, disobedience, revolt or insubmission, the last redoubt - in the words of Frédéric Gros - of our possibility of being free.



Lleida, 1972
Bachelor of Fine Arts, from the University of Barcelona, ​​and a master's degree from the University of Lleida.
Professor, I was temporarily associated with the University of Lleida. Temporary collaborator at MACBA . Associated with the MAV , Women in the Visual Arts. In Mascançà, Study Center of in the Pla d'Urgell. Associated and I was a temporary member of the board of the PAAC , Assembly platform of artists of Catalonia. Associated with Canal Viu . And I belong to the Javelina Archive , the archive of visual artists and other cultural agents of Lleida, promoted by the La Panera Art Center. I am part of the Second Round project, promoted by the University of Valencia.


Lately I have done solo exhibitions as the Zero Space of the Textile Museum and Documentation Center in Terrassa. In La Gotika of the Institut d'Estudis Ilerdencs in Lleida. The ruins of Santa Maria de Gualter in the Barony of Rialb. The container space of La Trastera de Segur de Calafell. The Duran i Sanpere Museum House, in the Cervera Museum or in the Lower Zone of the University of Lleida. Or in groups in Lleida such as the Art and Nature Scholarships at Creation 2017-18 , at the La Panera Art Center in Lleida; Larva. Biennial of Visual and Visual Arts of the Ilerdencs Studies Institute of Lleida. Or the Cross - Border Building of Cultures of the University of Lleida. In Madrid at the VIII International WTA Contemporary Textile Art Biennial. Sustainable city. Madrid Spain 2019. Exhibition of guest artists. The Essence Fiber Art (USA, Canada, Finland, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Italy, France, Belgium, England, Scotland, China, Japan, Korea, India and Spain as the Biennial headquarters). VI Short-lived exhibition of contemporary creation in disused spaces, Se Alquila Tiempo , at the Madrid Riu Interpretation Center. The VI Short-lived exhibition of contemporary creation in disused spaces, Se Alquila Margen , in the Auditorium of the Casa de Campo in Madrid.
In Valencia, in Poetry Museum: Art and provocation from Sexual Diversity , in the Foundation La Posta. I, Women in Work. Women, art and work in globalization in the Exhibition Hall of the Rector's Office of the UPV, Polytechnic University of Valencia. Organized by ACVG (art against gender violence) and the sculpture department of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Valencia.
In Cuenca to Poetics of the multiple . Collections and Archives of Contemporary Art (CAAC), at the UCLM Auditorium, University of Castilla-La Mancha. At the Massot-Dalmases House in Cervera. In Barcelona at the Media Kiosk , at the Santa Mònica Art Center in Barcelona. And in Lisbon to the Culturgest. Or in the collective Memory and claim in the old room of Can Marçal de Llorenç de Penedès, curated by the curator, gallery owner and artist Ramon Sicart. The Biennial of Riudebitlles and the Paper Museum of Capellades. Or at the Embarrat Festival. The great machine V. Silenci, in the Museum of the agricultural mechanization Cal Trepat de Tàrrega. And lately in the collective In the name of the mother, in the name of the land , at ACVIC, and 
Mulier mulieris, MUA Alicante.
I have been in residences such as the Art and Nature Grant at Creation , the Panera de Lleida Art Center, the CAN de Farrera, and the Art and Nature Center, CDAN in Huesca, or in ACUR, a regional archive. of the Urgell, of Tàrrega.
From the social point of view, the work I have carried out is important in seminars, workshops, conferences, at the Panera de Lleida art center, at the University of Lleida, at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​at the Barcelona Maritime Museum. , At the University of Valencia, in the Days museums and gender perspective , held in Barcelona and Cervera. At INSEA (International Society for Education Through Art) , or Deleuze Studies Conference, The territory in-between, both held in Lisbon. Or in Cultures of Dialogue. International Congress of Musapalabra-Oficio de Palabreirxs: Migration , of the Provincial Museum Network of Lugo.
I have collaborated in magazines, publications, and artist projects, such as DUODA (University of Barcelona Women's Research Center). I have done workshops such as for the Cumprativa de Llorenç de Penedès, organized by Ramon Sicart, for the Art Center La Panera in Lleida or for the Grand Tour de Nau Côclea de Camallera in Girona.

She has the piece in the virtual archive of Politzacions del malestar, and a project in Museari, virtual museum of Ricard Huerta and German Navarro.


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