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"Ebro Riverside Colorimetries" is a project that gathers samples of soil, vegetation, and other intrinsic elements from the areas impacted by the devastating Torre de l'Espanyol fire in the Ebro Riverside in 2019. Through the adoption of digital technological tools and color palettes, this project conducts a meticulous scanning of the territory, bringing forth pictorial compositions based on the discovered chromatic ranges. These compositions are documented alongside geographic coordinates and evocative words to create an image of the location in question.

The project comprises a book and a color chart adhering to NCS and RAL standards. These tools showcase the dominant tonalities that characterize the landscape affected by the scourge of the flames. Dark and gray shades predominantly dominate, emerging from the aftermath of fire and ashes. Nevertheless, softer tones are also captured, such as browns and greens, attesting to the incipient vegetal regeneration.

Accompanying the book, one can find tubes of paint in different shades, as well as charred remains extracted from the fire scene itself.

"Ebro Riverside Colorimetries" proposes a reflection on the roots of the glaring forest fires, surpassing the mere impartiality of meticulously labeled and ordered samples. It questions the reasons behind these devastating events, as we often tend to attribute them to rural depopulation without addressing the underlying causes.

Furthermore, "Colorimetries" unintentionally uncovers hidden remnants from the Spanish Civil War during the exploration of the territory – old bombs and fragments of shrapnel.


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