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A story of visual love told through the peephole of a door. A love that we will never know if it was real, or it was simply an illusion, a mirage. The project leaves the door open in this regard to the question. Behind it are myths about the idea of ​​marriage and romantic love, which are transmitted mainly to women. Coral Herrera talks about romantic love and how it is constructed from two concepts: heteropatriarchy and capitalism. Heteropatriarchy in the sense of the dominion of man over woman in relations of complete asymmetry, heirs of a dual Platonic model, where one predominates or dominates over the other, submission, domination, through violent actions (violence and rape at worst), of models of sexism that are deeply social. And / or the suffering of the woman who cannot give up an idealized, eternal and platonic love.

And the concept of ownership would come through the idea that you belonged to us, or you are mine.

And the way we have to reproduce these ideas, to build a whole cultural roof, a base, through culture and art, songs, films, or television series ... We reproduce the myths of this romantic love, unjust and unequal.



Mirrored. Installation. Mirilla, photographs, texts, diary, envelopes, silk-screened postcards and various objects. Serie S.A. 1996.




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