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In April 2022, the demolition of the Pla de Vilanoveta station in Lleida marked the beginning of this project. This station was part of the Baeza-Saint Girons route, an ambitious yet unfinished initiative with the goal of connecting Europe with its African colonies. During the demolition tasks of the station, the author and her son coincidentally discover some documents that suggest the existence of a buried archive. Frustrated by the inertia of the authorities, this prompts the aforementioned author and her son to embark on a partial archaeological recovery process, driven by the pursuit of these documents.

The project extends further and finds a new continuation in "Direct to Madrid," where another recently closed railway line is explored. This one traversed from Valencia to Madrid, passing through Cuenca and Aranjuez. This latter project has been carried out within the Karstica residency in Cañada del Hoyo, Cuenca, the former station of the dismantled line, now rehabilitated as an artist's residence.

With the collaboration of Karstica, Cuenca, La Neomudejar, and Zapadores, Ciudad del Arte, Madrid.

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Collaboration: Ot Plancheria Olivera. Project in progress

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